A Birthday Boy Turns Four and Zoolight Adventures

Our big boy turned four! We celebrated three days early on the feast of St. Nicholas. He was completely surprised to find out that not only would he be opening a stocking, but it was also his birthday. At first he was angry and told everyone, "Stop saying that because you are making me sad!" After pressing him for why he was upset he replied "I don't have a truck in my stocking!" Once I informed him that his birthday would surely involve trucks or some kind of vehicle he was excited and ready to party. I did not fail him. His cake was a construction cake complete with dump truck and tractor and I am pretty sure he really liked it.
Dinner was lasagna which seems to be creeping up the charts as most requested birthday dinner. The cake was chocolate and vanilla (one layer each) accompanied by vanilla and/or chocolate chip mint ice cream.

Getting a four year old boy who has recently seen the present frenzy enjoyed by his sisters on their birthdays, to slow down and enjoy each gift was tough. It took some work getting him to look at the presents. He did get to a point where he admired each gift and said thank you to the giver. But there was still a wild look in his eye as he moved quickly to the next gift. I am sure next year will be easier. He gave up all his toys in Mexico when we sold everything to move back to the states so I was okay with the number of gifts he received. Now he can stop trying to take apart the furniture and tinker with his own toys!

His oldest sister decided to try a little prank this year and wrapped a Barbie up for him. He did not find it funny. "Why would I want a Barbie?" he asked, "That's girl stuff!" He pouted until we explained it was supposed to be a joke like on AFV. Then he thought it was kind of funny.

After presents and cake we went to the Zoo to see the Zoolights. The idea was to ride the train but with a 2 1/2 hour wait we decided just to walk around. Highlights included the bats and the elephants (the only animals awake). I could not get the children to give up on seeing animals. They did enjoy the lights despite being upset all the animals were sleeping. It was a lot of fun! The best part is that Nana bought us a family pass so we can go back whenever we want to see the animals or the zoolights again! 

The Birthday Boy:

This boy has a great sense of humor. He is always saying something funny. He is very very affectionate and also very very stubborn. He goes from "Your not my mom, ever!" to "Mama I love you so so much!" within a few seconds. He is obsessed with vehicles of all kinds (trains, planes, cars, trucks, boats, tractors, etc.). In fact if I had to perform a word association test and my son's name came up I would instantly say "TRUCKS!." His ability to engineer things is impressive. This last summer he made his own garbage truck out of a plant stand, a tricycle, and a cooler and proceeded to bring garbage out of Nana's house so he could fill his truck and deliver it to the big trash bin. One morning I was awoken by a knock on the front door only to find a police officer there asking if the little boy down the street was my son. I rushed out and saw him talking to another police officer about the squad car's capabilities. He sneaked out early in the morning to line up every single matchbox car he owned in front of the neighbor boy's house so he could be ready to play. Of course he got in very big trouble and we revised the lock system on the house. He reminds me of the stories I used to hear about my dad when he was a little boy. In Mexico I used to have to lock up the fridge at night because he would wake up very early and make himself breakfast without getting me up. Anyone becomes a pal for this boy and even more so if there is some kind of machinery involved. I look forward to seeing him grow up. He has brought so much joy to my life. I cannot imagine not having this funny character banging on my door every morning like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, 

Him: BANG BANG BANG "Mama!"... 
         BANG BANG BANG "Mama! ...
         BANG BANG BANG "Mama!"...
Me: (Groggily because it is the crrraaack of dawn) "Yes son?!"...
Him: "Ummm, it's a good morning time!" (followed by the pattering of his feet as he runs off to play). 

Happy Birthday!!!

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