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Hi! I am Hilaire. I am a 30-something Catholic wife and mother to seven beautiful children. I am a photographer and a maker of things  though I would not call myself crafty. I am madly in love with my husband whom I have been married to for 13 years now.

He is a doctor. Not a medical doctor. Although he does work on the minds of the young and eager to learn. He is a doctor of philosophy. That means discussion is lively at our house and our children talk about heavy things like the arguments for the existence of God and evil as a privation.

We have had an adventurous life so far moving many times and living in many interesting places. See map below.

Most recently we spent the last five years living and working in Mexico at a University with our now not-so-small family. I homeschooled the children and taught ethics and photography and my husband taught and researched at the same university. Before you wonder how I taught photography and ethics at a University and homeschooled my children let me explain that while we were in Mexico I had a nanny and a housekeeper. I spent very little time cleaning the home and breakfast and lunch were cooked for us. I miss those ladies every single day. Despite having much less time for professional pursuits, I am very happy to be back home and I am thoroughly enjoying having seasons  and family and traffic laws among other things. But part of me still desperately misses Mexico. I miss my wonderful friends, our beautiful parish, great street tacos, sunshine, the beach, and the joy and affection of the Mexican people. Our time in Mexico really gave me a new perspective on life and I am so very happy we went.

I am passionate about my family and creating a beautiful and orderly home where my children will flourish, grow in holiness, and make many happy memories. So I post about  homeschooling, parenting, and living a catholic life with a large family. But I also post about literature, finances, cooking, liturgy, culture, beauty, fitness, and anything else that seems relevant to keeping things in perspective and living a life that is truly Merry and Bright.

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