A Day in Which We Enjoy 2 Whole Hours of Sunshine!

Today was sunny!!!!!! We had about 2 hours of sunshine today after what seems like days and days of grey. I knew coming back to Oregon that I would miss the sunshine. In Mexico we missed the seasons and now I am whining about how grey the world is here in the Pacific Northwest. As soon as I realized it was sunny we were out the door.  It was warm and beautiful all the way to our destination.
We went to a shop called PanezaNellie Breadstick Shop. It is funny to have such a specialized place in such a tiny town. But we were pleasantly surprised to find delicious pizza, breadsticks, salads, and other yummy things to eat. And most importantly they have coffee! It is a great place to pop in for a quick lunch or a latte. They have pastries and a little candy shop too. I splurged and got the children each a hot cocoa (only $1 each) and we shared some delicious cheese breadsticks. As we entered the shop the clouds rolled in so we did not stop at the park on the way home as we planned. The wind was blowing hard and we had an invigorating walk home. 
The clouds are back and it is dark and grey outside. But we had an outing and that little shot of vitamin D is going to get me through the rest of the day. If it were Wednesday I would wish you a happy Windsday à la Winnie the Pooh, but it is Thursday, so happy Windy Thursday! 

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