On the Second Day of Christmas

On the second day of Christmas grandma and grandpa came to visit. I was a lame photographer because the company was so good. But I did manage to take a few photos of our cookie decorating operation. I knew I would not be up to making gingerbread this year so I bought a gingerbread and snowman cookie kit at Costco on clearance (a week before Christmas!). They might not have been as good as homemade, but they seemed to please the palletes that mattered.  

Grandma brought everyone handmade jewelry.  Mr. Trucks was thrilled to have his own manly bracelet.  We also exchanged gifts. The boys got the coolest toy called twister tracks. It has been a big hit around the house with everyone.   

The girls got very creative with the snowman cookie and made Charlie Brown characters. This is Lucy. 

 After Grandma and Grandpa left Papa played monopoly with the older girls. It was a loooooooong game. But they had fun. Our little philosopher in pink took the win and obliterated everyone.

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